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  • Item ID: 136005
  • Brand: Stinger


Stinger RT3 Automatic Metal-Cap-Nailer, National Nail #136005. The Walk-Behind Machine Auto-Nails Metal Caps with Nails on a Fixed Pitch.

The next generation pneumatic cap system for securing base sheet to wood decks. The new design is simpler and more efficient. Advancements include:
  • Easier cap loading: clean open design allows caps to be loaded from side, maximizing productivity.
  • More consistent cap feed: the stroke on the cap feed mechanism has been improved, to ensure a more consistent delivery.
  • Less cap skipping: the feeder teeth have been improved, so caps are delivered each and every time with less jamming.
  • More consistent cap cutoff: the angle at which caps go through the cutting mechanism has been changed, allowing for more precise cutting.
  • Fewer cap breaks: a new magnetic track allows the metal caps to move more smoothly, resulting in fewer broken caps.
  • Easier nail loading: more open design gives more room to reload nails, minimizing downtime.
  • Easy motor maintenance: comes off with just 4 bolts, and with a redesigned motor mount there’s no more stripped-out bolts
BENEFITS: With the newest Stinger RT3 automatic nailer tool, crews just hold the trigger and start walking. Steel cap nails are driven at a rate of up to 10 per second. This is nine times faster than driving them by hand, which represents a significant cost savings.  Roofers also love the ergonomic design that allows them to stand, rather than kneel for extended periods. Additional labor to hammer down raised staples is a thing of the past. Inspectors prefer the superior holding power of cap nails, but driving them by hand raises consistency issues. The RT3 solves this problem two ways. First, it ensures correct spacing automatically every time. Second, inspectors can count on the cap laying flat and the nail being perpendicular for maximum holding power.
Tool specifications:

• Operating pressure 95-105 psi
• Weight 43 lb. (with caps and nails)
• Nail capacity 1,500 nails (1 Rol-Pac roll)
• Cap capacity 1,500 steel caps (1 Rol-Pac roll)

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